Working with Peter Peets

"Peter is one of the few people I have worked with who is able to wade through the "noise" in a given situation, and focus on the deadlines and the deliverables. When times are tough, he is able to focus on the positive and deliver results. As the VP of Sales, I depended on the Product Managers to deliver new product versions on time. Peter was the only one of three Product Managers who consistently delivered his product versions completely ready for sale and on time." 

Wendy Knight Agard, VP, Sales and Marketing, The Pythian Group



   In Peter's marketing role, he opened and built a direct channel with our international sales organization. Thanks to Peter's efforts a new sales training program was successfully conceived and implemented. As well, Peter developed new sales tools to support sales efforts including an ROI tool.

Jenn Markey VP Marketing Empowered Networks


"Pete is a great communicator, and played a key role at Fulcrum in bridging the gap between the product development and marketing/sales sides of the house. Pete's diligence and attitude made him a real asset to our team."

Bruce Milne Director - Industry and New Media Marketing, Fulcrum
Currently - Director, Field Marketing, Vignette




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